An experienced, dedicated, and fair judge for Texas.


Thank you for visiting my website. I began my service on the Fourteenth Court of Appeals in June 2012, and I would be honored to have your vote for re-election on November 6, 2018.

I have the right experience for this position: I have specialized in appeals for twenty years, and I am Board Certified in Civil Appellate Law. I began my legal career as a law clerk at the U.S. Supreme Court. Before taking the bench, I was a partner at Bracewell & Giuliani LLP, and Super Lawyers named me one of the top 100 lawyers in Texas in 2012. Attorneys have consistently chosen me as one of the highest-rated Houston appellate judges in anonymous evaluation polls,* and my fellow Texas appellate lawyers recently elected me as Chair of the State Bar Appellate Section. Please visit my Bio page to learn more about my legal experience, community involvement, and personal background.

As a seventh-generation Texan and third-generation Eagle Scout, I take seriously my oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States and Texas. My approach to each and every case—no matter the parties or issues—is to give everyone a respectful hearing and impartially decide the arguments they raise based on the law and the record. I am committed to the rule of law and work diligently to apply the laws made by your elected representatives consistently across the board, never rewriting those laws from the bench.

The Fourteenth Court of Appeals hears appeals of civil and criminal cases from Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Colorado, Fort Bend, Galveston, Grimes, Harris, Waller, and Washington Counties. I will be on the ballot in each of those counties, and I ask for your vote. I appreciate your interest in my campaign, and I am honored to serve you on this Court.


*Poll results are not an endorsement by any bar association.