From the Texas Bar Blog:

The Texas Access to Justice Foundation hosted a virtual Justice Jam emceed by Supreme Court of Texas Justice Eva Guzman at noon on May 20.

Texas Supreme Court justices and Texas lawyers performed in the first-of-a-kind event to raise funds for emergency legal aid work supported by the Texas Access to Justice Foundation.

With unemployment rates on the rise because of COVID-19, thousands of Texans will find themselves in poverty—some for the first time in their lives.

Performers included Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Nathan L. Hecht; Texas Supreme Court Justice Brett Busby; Judge Eric Shepperd; Amanda Arriaga; Claude Ducloux; Debra Tsuchiyama Baker, Helen Jenkins, and Paul Shanklin; Black Dirt Tango: Dawn Estes and Steve Henry; and Christine Melton Crain, Mark Sales, Bryan Dunklin, and Kent Hofmeister.

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